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Travel infos

Check in mainland Attic peninsula, East Coast

Andros - Tinos - Kea - Kythnos - Serifos - Sifnos - Milos - Folegandros

  • Airport Athens , with taxi about 20 min. From Porto Raphtis (approximately 20 km)
  • Our ship is of course on site and you 
    can come immediately after arriving aboard!

Check in Central Cyclades

  • There are direct flights to Mykonos, Santorini (about 2 hours) from Germany, Austria or direct flight Athens with connecting flight to Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini or bus transfer about 1.5 hours to Piraeus Ferry about 5 hours of Paros, Naxos, small Cyclades .... etc.
  • Athens airport, bus transfer about 0.5 hrs. After Rafina (about 25 km), ferry or speedboat to Mykonos, Paros, Naxos
  • We shall be glad to help you in your travel arrangements!
  • Our ship will be on side in your desired destination (Naxos, Paros, Mykonos ...) 
    and you can come immediately after arriving aboard!

When planning the cruise we will gladly provide for our guest's requests - as far as the wind permits!
Among the Central Cyclades (Paros, Naxos, Mykonos ...) there are a multitude of larger and smaller islands and this allows for many different routes - see also our slideshow.

  • Arrival of the guests
  • Check-in on board the Ananda
  • Welcome drink and tour of the ship
  • Shopping together (provisions), in order to have everything we need/anyone would like for the cruise on board
    There are opportunities for provisioning en route though.
  • If desired a sightseeing tour of the place of arrival - with us as your guides.
  • Mutual planning of the cruise
  • Setting sail - wherever the wind takes us ....



A day on board
Good morning ... Kali Mera!

  • After awakening in a beautiful anchorage
  • Early-morning wake-up swim or snorkel
  • Walk on the beach
  • Having an ample breakfast together
  • Possibly an island excursion
  • Heading for new shores...
  • We cast off and set sail
  • Are there dolphins cavorting between the islands?!?
  • Afternoon, heading for a bay to anchor
  • Water sports
  • Sailing makes us hungry - a hearty snack (Greek salad, Tzatziki...)
  • Casting off and proceeding to the next harbor or village
  • Docking or dropping anchor
  • Sunset drink
  • Walk with subsequent tavern visit
  • Dinner, visiting a bar or returning to ship
  • Have a drink on board




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